A credit score range & scale – excellent, good, poor, very bad etc

Credit Score scale is usually measured in excellent, very good, good, fair, poor & very bad with the respective scores of 800-850, 750-799, 700-749, 650-699, 600-649, & 300-599.

Excellent & Very good

Let’s try to understand what a credit score scale and how it can help you out. Excellent & Very good credit score means that you are eligible for the loan at the lowest possible interest rates. These two terms are something like A1 & A credit score scale.

Good and fair

When talking about good and fair terms, you will be able to get the most loans with good & fair rates.

Poor & very bad

While being in the range of poor & very bad, only secure loans will be given to you. In much simpler definition, you are in the range of a good credit score when it is above 700.

So, you need to try your best to build a good credit score which is something above 700 points. Generally speaking, you might find out so many other ratios but this one can be taken as an overall international standard of loans.